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Who We Are
Who You Can Be With Us



Covenant Players is a full-time theater ministry.



Covenant Players is a full-time travelling ministry for a minimum commitment of one year.



We come from and work with many different denominations, and a variety of churches as well as schools, nursing homes, prisons, and other venues.



Every Day Service

Public Relations work
Daily rehearsal
Learn lines
Perform, most days!

Every Week Service

Perform 3-7 times
Accountability reports done
An office work schedule
Other administrative and/or logistical tasks



We work very closely together, and so we deal with conflicts, graciously — and extend forgiveness, generously.


We maintain a business & professional dress sense.


We are volunteers.  As such any income is called a stipend.


We have a zero tolerance policy for street drug use, drunkenness or sex outside of marriage.


We travel full-time.  We stay in people‘s homes while on tour.



CP serves on 4 continents. Overseas service is possible!



You will need a passport. While a driver’s license is not an absolute requirement, it is greatly needed and would definitely be advantageous for you and the ministry.



There are costs for housing, food, and petrol each training.  All Covenant Players attend training twice yearly.

We accept new people each January and August — even mid-”mission”.


Acting in Faith, September 2016

In a little under two weeks, I will be performing in French.

I. don’t. speak. French.  At all.

I have been working on this play for over 6 weeks now, and it is still hard for me, saying the words with the right pronunciation, in the right order.

Impossible, you ask?  Right now I agree with you.

But in my 25 years in Covenant Players, I have done many things that I never believed I could do.  I have performed in German, I have performed for prisoners in Maximum Security Units, I have performed for groups of hostile adolescents in inner-city schools.  I have performed for all ranks of the US military, including troops returning from combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.

My experiences are not unique.  All Covenant Players can share experiences of standing back stage, worried and scared about how THIS programme is going to go.  Whether it is a large number of kids running around before the show, or a fire alarm going off in the middle, or just the newness of a new play, each programme causes its own level of uncertainty or nervousness.

But think back on your own life.  Haven’t you had experiences that made you worried or unsure?  A large test, a new job, a move to a new place?  At the time, it is impossible, insurmountable, scary and huge.  But as the years pass, you remember only the strength that you now have for going through it.  You probably do not even remember learning to speak when you were small, all you know now is that you can communicate what you want and need.  From that whole learning experience, the only thing we remember is what we now own so well we do not even consider it.

When you are considering joining Covenant Players, there are certainly many things that make you wonder, or make you pause.  It may be the travel, being away from home, being the newest person in a group, eating new food, being in a new culture (in your own country or another), performing, being in front of a group of people, or any number of small or big things.  And when you are faced with a new situation, you can look forward to how scary it is, or you can look back to see where the Lord has helped you before.

He is the God that makes the impossible possible.  We will help you in any way we can to take this step of faith.  Bless you and you pray and discern.   Penni Jo Blatterman


“I understood everything.  I understood it better than anything I have heard in church before.  It was daily life.  It hit home.”

Eglise Réformée France
Pantin, France

Amanda Zwayne

“Being in CP has inspired me to be free and love myself. I learned to overcome my fears of being around people, speaking out loud, eating food I don't know.

I've never thought I could travel the whole country in two years and get to meet thousands of people and different races, different cultures and different values. CP has made me grow spiritual and showed me how to praise God. I've even learned how to have faith and see God's miracle happen right in my eyes. We even drove 75 kilometers with an empty tank at night but God made it possible for us to get to where we needed to be. I have so many stories to tell that people won't believe. God was there from the start of my journey to CP till the end. And I thank CP for showing me things I've never seen, felt and appreciated.

I know it may be hard to think of leaving your friends and family but it's worth it at the end. 

Amanda Zwane

(Served in Southern Africa 2010-2012)

Covenant-Players-South-Africa-Alumni-Amanda Zwayne


Amanda Zwane (bottom middle) with the South African campus of Covenant Players in 2012.

Sue Rice


My very first performance, at a Church in Pretoria, I thought I had messed up big time, and felt that I should just go home BUT after the service a Deacon of many years standing came up to me and said, "How did you know that my life was a mess and I that I was only paying lip service to God, doing what I thought was right. Your play has opened my heart to Jesus and I am weeping inside because I have wasted so many years BUT God has got my attention and life is going to be different.  Keep doing what you are doing challenging and encouraging God's children." That is a comment that was written out and it is still in my Bible 18 years on. 

When I look back on life I can't believe I was that shy quiet person who would rather wash the dishes after church than have fellowship, my life seemed so dull compared to everyone else.  ` God through Covenant Players has brought me out of my shell and I know that everyone has something worthwhile to add to 'pot' you are never too old to start on a new adventure with Him.

Sue Rice (Served in Southern Africa, Europe, and North America 1998-2013)

Wendy & Doug Linscott

My 10 and a half years in C.P. radically changed me. I learnt so much about God. Practical stuff like His promises and how faithful He is in keeping them, that it’s really practical to 'entertain strangers in your home', because the Lord is the one who unites us. Joys and challenges always come with that adventure. I met so many lovely Christian folk that I want to 'be like'
Most of all the Lord has shown me how unique we all are and how He uses each of our differences, as long as we are willing.

Wendy Linscott (Served in Southern Africa and in North America 1990-2001)


Wendy and Doug Linscott (top left and middle) with fellow Covenant Player team members in 1996.

I felt that drama/theatre was a powerful way to communicate ideas for the building up of the church body. As a group of Covenant Players, I almost thought of us as a 'church', that met twice a year and went out and did God's work the rest of the year.

Doug Linscott (Served in North America and in Southern Africa 1995-2001)

Acting in Faith, May 2016 – Finding Your Gifts

Finding Your Gifts in Covenant Players

I wrote a few weeks ago about some of the ways life changed when I joined Covenant Players.  I had plans and I thought I had a pretty good idea of my talents and abilities.  Then I packed my suitcase and started on what turned out to be a much longer adventure than I intended.

In the course of all the performing, rehearsing, learning lines and traveling, I discovered things I hadn’t anticipated.  Such as time management and organizational skills; public relations and how to present myself and my ministry, very helpful for those job interviews later I thought.  I found how to respond to new situations, to relate with people whose life experiences and backgrounds were different than mine, ways to handle conflict both with others and within myself.  I’ve learned new skill sets  - everything from computer databases to how to change the sparkplugs on a Ford Transit van -  and had the opportunity to perform the  plays in new languages.  It has been challenging and difficult sometimes.  And it has been amazing and exciting.

I hadn’t expected to find all of this when I first came to Covenant Players.  I had wanted a break from studying and saw the prospect to do something meaningful.  Regardless of the time you will spend in Covenant Players, whether it’s one year or more, you will have an opportunity for learning and growth in new and stimulating ways.

Mary Ewing


Acting in Faith, February 2016 – What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life?

What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life?

(or at least the next 12 months?)

When I joined Covenant Players I planned to stay for a year, maybe two, then I would be off on a new adventure.  I had big plans – graduate school in Heidelberg, Germany, a career in the diplomatic corps, maybe some Bible smuggling on the side.  I was going to do great things and change at least my corner of the world. You see, all this was because I had a strong feeling since I was about sixteen years old that I was supposed to be in Christian service.

So when I first saw Covenant Players during my university years, I thought, “Hey, this looks interesting.”  I could do this and then go on with what I wanted to do.  So, I did.  Though, it turned out a little differently than I’d envisioned.

Oh, I did make it to Heidelberg but not to study at the university.

I met ‘important people’ but not as an assistant to the ambassador.

I had the opportunity to help provide Bibles for the Persecuted Church but not by hiding them under my socks and trousers.

I got to do all manner of exciting, world changing things by being a Covenant Player.  It’s been a long time since that first year and that’s all right, because by choosing to do something for God while waiting for my plans, I discovered His plan.  Mine took me to places I’d never dreamed in ways I had never thought about.

The way for you will be as unique as your relationship with God, maybe a year, maybe two.  Who knows?  But it’s worth discovering.

Mary Ewing

Acting in Faith, November 2015 – Living Life Abundantly

Living life abundantly... in full time ministry

Have you considered serving the Lord on the front lines of ministry? What about having a full time job combining drama, travel and ministry? Do you have a desire to be stretched in your faith and challenged as a performing artist?

Covenant Players may be the ministry you are looking for! You would be counted as one who is surrendering their all and stepping out of the routine of life and leaping into a life-style of discipleship, accountability, full of faith-challenges and gaining not only life experience, but a closer, ever-dependent walk with Jesus Christ.

Drama shatters barriers.

Lives are challenged and turned around. Hearts and relationships are healed. The combination of drama with the Holy Spirit has profound eternal value.

Covenant Players... opportunity to put yourself on the edge of service with the living God! This is an opportunity to live and grow with others in community, to know life as abundant, and to turn the world upside right for the Lord - through drama!

Acting in Faith, September 2015 – See, I am doing a NEW thing

See, I am doing a NEW thing

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. The wild animals honor me, the jackals and the owls, because I provide water in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland, to give drink to my people, my chosen, the people I formed for myself that they may proclaim my praise.”  (Isaiah 43: 19-21 NIV)

Covenant Players has been ministering through drama since 1963.  And yet, when we begin each mission, we are renewed — sometimes through taking on new people, taking on a new touring area, a new language, a new methodology.  We have just completed our summer training time, and our units are renewed and equipped, touring throughout Europe and the world.

Are you looking to BE RENEWED?

Place yourself in God’s hands!

Are you looking to be new?

Trust in His mercy for grace and strength to try new things.

Are you looking for SOMETHING new?

You might be looking for Covenant Players.

Contact us today for more information.

Acting in Faith, April 2015 – Created … for good works

Created … for good works

The article this month is provided by Denise Twining, Covenant Players Supervisor in the Republic of South Africa.  She writes on the following verse from Ephesians.

For we are his workmanship, having been created in Christ Jesus for good works that God prepared beforehand so we may do them. (Ephesians 2:10, New English Translation)

My sister, a textile artist, has recently begun working with Cricula cocoons.

As she explains it: Cricula silk caterpillars ...spin cocoons, out of silk, which is a single filament that they extrude from their body. The moth emerges later, the cocoon falls away.... Cricula silk yarn is extracted from the cocoons, from the inside.

The stiffer exterior cocoon is what I'm using... the cast-off outer cocoon is a beautiful natural golden color, that I use as a piece of wild gold silk lace, wild, to me, because the caterpillar wove it by wrapping himself through the movement of his body. Each piece of cocoon lace has its own color and density and pattern.

The cocoons have become a standard part of her recent work. My niece, a jewelry maker, saw some of these works and decided to incorporate the cocoons into some of her designs. The results are equally stunning. So, the cast-off stuff of the worm’s metamorphosis becomes the basis for our silk, and the part that can’t be used for silk yarn gets incorporated into works of art.

I like to think about that. We are God’s work of art, his poem – He can turn the sufferings and disappointments of our lives, our faltering, stumbling efforts and even the cast-off shrouds of our former lives into works of art for His Kingdom. He turns the words of our most desperate, cried-out prayers into poetry to be sung to His glory.

As the Lord continues to transform your life, what good works has He prepared for you to do?  Join Covenant Players and find out!  The Lord has created you to be a part of His work!