Jodi Wideman

Jodi Wideman came to Covenant Players from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, in August 2003, looking for a way to fulfill her calling to serve the Lord all over the world through drama and music.

She has continued to serve beyond her initial 2 year commitment because of the impact of the plays - on herself and others. "A challenge that brings healing and a deeper sense of who the Lord really is and the importance of taking up our cross daily.


"The very first time I learned and performed a Charles M. Tanner play, I remembered seeing the play DISC OF LIFE (a woman calling a radio station and asking about joy and hope in life), which was a large part of my decision about joining. I remembered the impact it had on me and was blessed at the thought of others being impacted in the same way."

Some of the deepest impacts are those that take place in our times of prison ministry. Jodi relates one: "...when performing the play WASHING WASHING WASHING (a play that challenges those who think that OUR sins are beyond redemption) in a prison, and a man standing up to say, 'That was me on that mountain. Thinking I don't deserve God's grace for the bad things I've done. But He cleans me as white as snow.' "

Our hope in every performance is that our plays will go beyond merely entertaining our audiences. Thank you, Jodi, for being instrumental in impacting thousands of people for His eternal Kingdom!

Jodi has toured extensively throughout Europe and is currently missioning on the Donau Unit, covering Bavaria in Germany, Austria, German speaking Switzerland, Slovakia and Liechtenstein.

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