What Is It Really Like Being in Covenant Players?

"So What Is It Really Like Being a Covenant Player?"

I actually love answering this question.  It is like a hundred different things.  We wear many different hats!

“Is it like being a missionary?”  YES!  Covenant Players covers 34 nations worldwide.

“Is it is like being an actor?”  A thousand times, YES!  We prepare new plays and new roles every day and every week.  We explore characters from the inside and embody them physically for others to see.

“Is it like being a pastor?”  YES!  We bring messages to the church to address a variety of needs.  Easter, the reality of Christ’s gospel in our daily lives, living our faith, dealing with difficult situations — it is hard to think of a theme or issue that has not been required of us.  In addition, we are responsible to encourage one another in discipleship and leadership and seek high standards for ourselves.

“Is it like being a teacher?”  Again, YES.    When we perform in schools, we are bringing thought-provoking plays about Bullying, Goals and Purpose in Life, Substance Abuse, Conflict Resolution in a way that encourages discussion among the students and finding the message for themselves in a new way.




* English Idiom Definition —'Wear many hats'.  If someone wears many hats, they have different roles or tasks to perform.


What else are we?  What are we like?  Well, here are some more ideas...

  • Actor
  • Adventurer
  • Care-Giver
  • Christian
  • Cleaner
  • Cook
  • Disciple of Jesus
  • Driver
  • Educator / Teacher
  • Evangelist
  • Event Planner
  • Friend
  • Leader
  • Logistical Coordinator
  • Luggage Carrier
  • Mechanic
  • Navigator
  • Pastor
  • Peace Maker
  • PR (Public Relations) Worker
  • Public Speaker / Presenter
  • Sales Representative
  • Servant
  • Social Worker
  • Stage Manager
  • Student
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Tour Manager
  • Traveler

In Covenant Players, no day is the same.

We are always learning and growing in new responsibilities and areas.  Is it challenging?  Oh YES.  “What is it really like?“  Come and see.