Sue Garfield

Many people come to CP as aspiring actors or actresses, wanting nothing more than to get on stage and perform. Sue didn’t mind being on stage - but it was always as a musician, with an instrument or in a choir. Never did she dream of acting.

“I got a job in retail store to pay off the college loan I had, so I could get a college degree and not have to work in a retail store. Eventually I got a job in daycare (at least a step closer to my preferred profession of teaching music). Then, as the most recent person hired, I was the first to be laid off when enrollment dropped for the summer. I busied myself with volunteer projects and prayed about a Christian-based vocation, something I had been thinking about for a few years at that time. I was envisioning possibly ‘typical’ missionary work, but God had something entirely different in mind.

"Covenant Players came to perform at my church. After the program one of them mentioned the need for more people to join CP, and God tapped me on the shoulder, and in an almost-audible voice said,‘Sue, this is what I want you to do.’ I almost laughed out loud! Me? Drama? Yeah, right! But I spoke to one of them after the service, cautiously expressing interest in CP. They told me that another unit of Covenant Players was performing in town that evening, and to talk to Wes afterwards. Just ’coincidentally’ that performance was in the church where my daycare was held.

"I went to that performance, saw more plays, and, for me - better yet, music. I did talk to Wes, and had an interview that evening. Over the next week I talked to people in CP’s World Headquarters, faxed an application in, and was accepted to join. I also was called from the daycare and offered my dream job. God was clearly giving me a choice - I could have a ’safe’ life - a stable job with a regular paycheck, car, home, etc, or get out of the boat and walk on water. Do something completely new, with no guarantees of worldly security. Put my life into His hands and trust Him completely. Scary!

"But I had been waiting for ‘something’ so long, I grabbed it. Packing, moving, even finding people to buy my car, rent my apartment, and take my daycare job miraculously fell into place, and I went off to a new adventure for ‘a year and a half’. Twenty years later, I’ve never once looked back or regretted that decision, and God hasn’t moved me to anything else. I guess I made the right choice!”

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